November 23rd, 2009

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The Blu-Ray player Dan bought came today:) Also 2 turtlenecks from Ryan that I put on my wishlist for his "Turtleneck Fetish"...
he said the more I layer on.. the more he will pay.. ok whatever... easy enough.. well Ryan if you're for real.. you're gonna have to buy a few more because I don't own any;)
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No cucumbers in my salad today ;)

I told Loser Mark (the pastry fucker) it was time to come up with something new.... he's humped his toilet, multiple pastries, most of the menu at Mickey D's, his couch, Marshmallow Fluff, etc...

I said if he wanted to call I was doubling the rate and he had to spend the morning in his wife's thong....

Today before our call.. he sent this email:

couldn't get the thong over one leg...
I have on a pair of those boy toy panties...tight around waist and hip...very ass cheeks are hanging out the sides...very hot if I say so myself
I am so fucking hard...all morning
looked on line for food masturbation
going to get a cucumber...hallow it out...and warm it in the microwave
this is so fuckin hot, I cant take it

and that's exactly what he did... when the NF call connected... he started on the cucumber -- put it in the microwaved for 15 seconds, grabbed some lube, and ran up to his bedroom to stick it in between his box spring and mattress and went to town on that poor cucumber LOL