November 28th, 2009

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Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving:)
I woke up feeling like crap from a fabulous night out with my friends...(always a loyal pet.. 1HB came through and picked up the tab).... had to get up after only a couple hours sleep and make mashed pototoes and bake a pie to bring to my parents house. I was feeling much better by the time I went over there and had a great time with the family... we pretty much do the same thing every year.. dinner.. watch a movie/play a game.. and decorate the Christmas tree. Cheesy?..maybe.. but I know I'm lucky to have a great family:)
When I got home last night Riley was waiting to spoil me and ended up doing some shopping from my wishlist:)

I LOVE Christmas... I must get that from my Mom...we both had Christmas music playing all week and couldn't wait to take down the Thanksgiving decorations and put up the Xmas stuff. I was outside freeeeezing today putting up Christmas lights and this adorable Santa's Workshop Scotty bought me last year from my wishlist.

Today's gifts in the mail were both from Riley.. a $50 gift card and nail polish:)

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Chicago Mikey was also around last night.. he called a few times throughout the night.. needing to have his ass kicked again;)
Better luck next time Mikey;) But at least you looked cute in your sissy gear with matching knee pads;)

11/28/2009 chicago mikey 5-star omg! i can't believe how MEAN Bella Daisy was to me tonite
11/28/2009 chicago mikey 5-star omg! Bella Daisy knocked my pussy ass out with a reverse headscissors...ouchie!!!
11/28/2009 chicago mikey 5-star omg! then Bella Daisy posed on top of me, putting her foot on my chest and flexing her girl-muscles!


M$ came around last night... last time we chatted he let me log in to his Amazon.. but backed out when it was time to give me his credit card info.
Tonight went much better...
We chatted on and off in between my NF calls.. I ended up making him buy me a $50 Amazon GC, a $50 Target GC, a bra, and pair of heels before letting him call.

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