December 4th, 2009

Banana Creamed

Loser Mark.. is that you?

Mark's next adventure....
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SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
TITLE: Banana Creamed

By far my favorite technique is to slip my rock hard cock inside a banana peel and pretend I am in a nice juicy, tight pussy. I take great pleasure in shopping for my special bananas. I make sure they are not too ripe and the girth and length are just right for my shaft. When I first started buying the bananas, I would end up buying them to small and my stiff cock would bust open the sides of the peel. I also learned to buy only 4-6 bananas at a time, which is 2 days worth for me, because if they get too ripe, the walls of the peel will not hold up to my rythmic pumping. When it is time to pleasure myself, I cut the end of the banana off at the top using a sharp knife and carefully remove the banana from the peel. I have tried butter knives, chop sticks, and straws to remove the banana. I have found through experimentation that a tupperware plastic orange peeler works best, because it easily removes the banana and doesn't pierce the sides of the peel. Once I have my banana pussy prepared I'll lay on my bed and slowly slip my cock into it. The feeling is fantastic. The banana left over in the peel makes an awesome lubrication. I was really surprised at just how slippery it was my first time. I like to use the Stop and Go technique as I pump my banana pussy. I have have never cummed so good!!! Try it. You won't be disappointed.

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After I posted Chicago Mikey's cell # ...

12/04/2009 chicago mikey 5-star omg, one of Donna's STUDS called me...his voice was soooo low and deep and scary (eek!)...he told me i had to call her IMMEDIATELY...he sounded so tough and manly, that i did exactly what he said...i was sooo scared!
12/04/2009 chicago mikey 5-star omg...then Donna told me she KNEW i was going to call b/c i was such a PUSSY that i would do whatever her other studly caller told me to do...and I did! :(

Slut Jenny... got ya ;)

Two weeks ago I told my new slut Jenny that he'd be owned by the time he got back from Thanksgiving break.
He IMed me the other day... I already had some info on him.. I quickly got the rest.......

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