December 19th, 2009

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Riley picked up the Coach wristlet off my wishlist.... that makes 3 Coach handbags and 2 wristlets, you are so good at spoiling me;)


Cummy Scott was back tonight ---  he was serving me daily for quite some time, then his wife found out about all his NF calls to me, hours spent on the computer, and the panties I made him wear all the time... oops;) So he kinda disappeared for a few weeks, then came around tonight.  I made him work for it though...  he was begging to call for about an hour -- I finally let him, only to make him get all worked up thinking about being a sissy cock sucker for me - then told him he had to buy me a $50 Target gift card before I let him call back. Well Scott, now that she's out of the way... welcome back;)

Wishlist presents from Cuckie and My Lebanese $lave... prez007.jpg picture by belladaisy27 wwll.jpg picture by belladaisy27 

UK FootPerv D...  the dance shoes you bought me came today, thanks:)...but I had the wrong size on my wishlist...  my mistake,  I might need your info to exchange them.  It's been a week... I think you're due for another amazing cam foot worship $ession;)
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No Time For Fake Ones...

Time wasters....  I'd call you losers, but you'd get off on it. I think it's time to start naming names...  so other Dommes won't bother with you either.

Brooken... I should have known better... I've seen your name blacklisted before...  well...  you didn't follow through, so unless you tribute first, dont bother contacting me.

Balex ... you were good for some big money a while ago.... but you used up your second chance...  reversing charges within minutes??... go back to jerking off to my journal..  you're blocked for good.

RY....   Friday's over bitch...  I told you, you had till tonight to send that gift card....  you asked me to call you before I "do anything".  Well it's not my job to chase after you... I'll be making phone calls, but not to you....   I'm not sure who I want to call first...  your Mom or Fiance.

On a positive note.......  I'm looking forward to picking up my $640 Western Union Monday afternoon from a special slave who has never wasted a minute of my time;)

Snow Day...Saturday...

We're supossed to get 8 - 12 inches in Philly....   I think I'll come online during the afternoon, then back again at night...   get your wallets out and come entertain me while I'm stuck in the house;)

$5 bra pic
if you haven't bought my other stuff... check it out..

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8 - 12 inches...  turned into a possible 21...   when I woke up it was only about 6 inches... that was good.. had fun taking my 4-wheeler out in the snow..   now this blizzard stuff just sucks..  I'll be on and off all night.. come find me;)

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Update on my blackmail bitch RY... he tried to make an excuse about his Amazon account not working... ((whatever)) and wanted to come back when his Fiance fell asleep. I gave him 2 minutes to make a decision on how he was going to pay me... time was up -- I ended up just using his credit card and spent $70 on Amazon myself. What could he really say.. I knew he was snowed in too ((with his family and fiance;)) Same time next week RY.. hmm wonder what I'll have you buy me next;)


Speaking of helping myself to credit cards.. TJ came online and asked if I could call him while his wife was out.. while we chatted I did a lil shopping off my wishlist.. the new comforter set and pillows. TJ makes it so easy for me... he went through the trouble of printing up a spreadsheet listing all his credit cards, including billing info, exp. dates, and passwords to log into each cards account to check the available balance.