March 17th, 2010

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I know quite a few of you are still waiting to be mentioned...
I just haven't had the time... I'll do some updates tomorrow... 
I'm off to New York...


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Just got home a little while ago.. had a blast in NYC...except for getting pulled over for speeding on the way there.... doing 84 in a 65 and driving in the left lane...  ok I know I drive too fast, my BF told me to slow down a few times, but how is it I've been driving for 12 years and had NO idea you're not allowed to stay in the left lane??? I just thought it was the "fast lane" and almost always stay on the left on the highway.  The cop was pretty awesome though and said he'd cut me a break because I should have gotten a big fine and 2 points on my license...  he decided to write it up as "Obstructing Traffic" and it'll only cost me ((or one of you)) $56.
It was such a beautiful day... the St. Patty's Day parade was fun, then we spent the rest of day in Central Park.
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