June 5th, 2010

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*Last night I was out with friends watching the Flyers game ...I came home to find Riley waiting eagerly to spoil me.  And Spoil me he did.. he cleared off $700 worth of goodies from  my wish list :)  

**Just like I said yesterday.. my adoring foot slave Bob wasn't finished yet..  he opened even more $30 Pay-To-View foot pics in those sexy heels ;) 

*** I got an email that made me laugh yesterday....  it's pretty rare that I get hate mail, when I do it's usually some loser who thinks I'm a bitch and  shouldn't be reading my blog anyway -- yet can't help himself from coming back;)  But yesterday some  guy emails me to say he called me once before and I was boring and he was paying me to talk dirty so that's what I should do.  Well random guy who I dont remember speaking to, but thanks for waiting months or years? to email me ... What would make you think I'm going to start moaning into the phone for you?  Where on my listings do I advertise anything but DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, or some form of Worship of your PRINCESS?  Even my listing under the "sex" category says in BIG LETTERS... I'm here to use you loser!    Don't get it twisted boys...  you're here to Serve Me, Work for Me, Worship Me, Tribute, Spoil, Entertain, and be controlled by Me!

Now.. since I spent the day over my parents house tanning in the pool, I'm gonna hop in the shower, then be back online  later to let you do all the things I just listed above;)