June 18th, 2010

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PunishMe...the tv was delivered today ... thanks ;)

Of all the times for my Dad to stop by to see my new deck now that's it finally finished...The guy pulls up with the TV...just as the UPS guy drops off 3 packages...within 10 minutes the mailman comes...with more wishlist presents.
Needless to say my parents aren't exactly thrilled that I dominate men online. I swear my Mom thought I HAD to be doing something on cam to get all the gifts/tributes... it wasn't until last summer when my Mom spent the week with me at the beach house I rented...while tanning on the beach I left my ignore line on...she heard me call a few people losers - told them I was jacking up the rate.. and hung up on them... only to have them call back and thank me. Later that night she was shocked to see I made $500 off the 5 pics I snapped of my feet and legs on the beach. How do you make a completely "normal" person understand that I didn't DO anything for all these presents... the TV alone I got during a 5 minute phone call where I told PM that I deserve his money more than he does and I'm going to enjoy maxing out his credit card????
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