June 29th, 2010

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Update on the windows situation...  well after over a week of going back and forth with the manager and getting nowhere... I was about to throw in the towel after he said - Fine, don't get the windows installed - we'll just send your account to collections.  I was surprised when he called me again this morning and said he was able to take $1,000 off.    They're installing them next Wed and Thursday.

More BS I had to deal with...  I spent the morning in court trying to get one of my tenants evicted.  She's 2 and 1/2 months overdue on her rent...   I thought this would be it.. she'd be out of there today..  NO..  they gave her another 10 days... if she's not paid in 10 days I have to file another claim giving her ANOTHER 10 days.. WTF!!!  get out of my house!! LOL  so...  if she's not gone 20 days from now - they send someone from  the sheriff's dept and make her leave right then and there.      See it doesn't pay to be nice..  she mistook  my kindness for weakness by going easy on her, and feeling bad for her...now I can't get the bitch out.  Meanwhile I have 2 families interested in renting the house.

I should be online around 9:30 tonight.....