July 6th, 2010

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The 40 shoe boxes my Pet Jay bought came today... along with the "wall flutter" from PIggy M.  I think I'm gonna need another 40 just for heels alone... any foot boys out there want to buy my old heels, let me know. (Contact me on here or Yahoo)
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CummyScott has been doing his best to keep me happy...  I've been upping the PTV mails and he's been paying them everday.  He should be taking new pics soon in his sissy panties.
Loser mark is another one who I upped the rate on... his pastry fucking/couch humping ass now has to pay $7.99/min when I let him call.  His next adventure will be at the Bon Jovi concert this weekend...wonder what he'll come up with.
My Slut Rex is back (the one who wrote and sang the songs on my YouTube page).   He's still locked up..and will be for a very long time:)

5-star DcTo view her is a dream. Hear her and you're weak in the knees. If she claims you, die with a smile.
$lave P has been getting more daring lately...  now I've got him running outside in his front yard completely naked on webcam...  wonder what his neighbors think, lol

I'm online now... come find me.. I won't be on as late as I usually am the next couple nights...the window installers will be here at the crack of dawn.. seriously - couldn't they make it for like 10am?   The sofa and love seat from Pet Jay should be delivered tomorrow also, but I haven't gotten a conformation phone call yet.

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Within ten minutes of posting my last post saying I was getting rid of some old heels I had a bunch of boys interested in them...  I decided to post them all here to make it easier...

Some of you may recognize heels that you bought me off my wishlist...  don't be hurt that I'm selling them... I got my use out of them, now it's time for you to replace them with a new pair 
www.amzn.com/w/Z5DX5HTDGOP0  I also added more shoe bins to my wishlist.
Caller's always ask what's behind me in my computer room.. well here it is boys...nothing but shoes;)
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Take your pick foot boys...
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