July 12th, 2010

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Just 10 more days to go...
I went back to the court house today... this time I just had to file, giving my tenant 10 days to move out or they send someone to make her leave right away. 

I've been playing Raise The Rate pretty often lately...   My Bitch M stayed on for an hour at $5/min.    Loser Mark is up to $7/min (( sorry I missed your call from the concert loser, it would have been fun to humiliate you in public))  and Frenchy stayed on at $8/min for about 45 mins.


"S" and I had so much fun tag teaming our little puppet into sending us a few hundred each.  He just can't say no;)

Loser Tim and KG swung by for $50 and $60 pay mails.

I see Cuckie's back to picking off a few things here and there from my wishlist while I'm sleeping:)

CummyScott is still going strong with his daily pay mails...  after spending $80 in pay mails yesterday, he asked what I thought of the fact that now one of his bills would be late because he's been giving everything to me...  I reminded him that I come first.. he agreed and said he's going to work even harder for me:)     Such a good pantyboy;)