July 22nd, 2010

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New Zealand Andy stopped by....and dropped off $545.
ADP - I'll see you on the 1st ;)

adp-2.jpg picture by belladaisy27

Presents from My Pain $lut M,  Cuckie,  My Pet J,  and Robin Hood...

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CummyScott has been outdoing himself lately with the tributes....   I've been taking - $30-40-50 a day....   I love how he just can't say no to me:)

I have a new Swiss subbie who was looking for a short forced intox session....  he's now out of a few beers, Coke and SoCo...and $200.

Sr popped online...  I decided he needed to stop what he was doing and start tributing... I quickly teased and denied him out of $175.

My $lut Rex has been working on a new song for me...   I'll have him sing it and put it on YouTube sometime soon.

1HB had been completing all his assignments ahead of time....   can't wait to see your cheer... it should be very entertaining;)

Speaking of assignments...  Robin Hood - you have one more day to finish yours;)