July 28th, 2010

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Today was a good day...

Started my morning by getting rid of my tenant... did some work in my flower gardens (while working on my tan;), did a little shopping, then had a few people over for dinner, drinks, and games out on the deck. 
Sometime after midnight I missed a call from J$...   sometimes I just wait to see if they call back, but I saw he was a new caller so I  figured I'd send a quick email letting him know I was back taking calls.
He called back a little later and when I asked what he was into, he mentioned something about how when he goes on cam, he gets stupid with his money. 

How stupid?....  $2,352 on NiteFlirt ($1,622 for me after NF's fees)  and another $500 in Amazon gift certificates :)

At around the Thousand dollar mark his credit card company declined the next transaction.   He said he had to verify the charges....   I thought he was going to verify the charges and call it a night.   (that or decline them )- but he didn't seem like the kind of jerk who would reverse the charges... and with all the pics and videos I took of him tonight - I was pretty sure he wouldn't dare;)

So I was happily surprised when he asked if we could do more...and more....

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