August 1st, 2010

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August is starting off nicely and the night hasn't even begun yet....    
so far today....

SP-Jim sent a $100 tribute, then called me for 2 hours straight...  but he couldn't get enough of me, so a few minutes later he asked permission to call back and stayed on for 40 more minutes :)

CummyScott is still going strong paying his $50 or $60 daily tributes...every day that goes by I'm drawing him in deeper and he couldn't be happier.

1HB just got a new job, which means even more $$$ for me!  We've been celebrating with his wallet all weekend:)

My Arab bitch sent $170 in tributes while on his knees at my feet where he belongs.

My foot worshipping piggy bank found me this morning (well morning for me since I didn't wake up till noon after a late night last night)  and I ended up using him for $875. 
$584 in tributes and $291 on the call..  of course after NF took their fees I "only" got...
but I'm not complaining ;)
moneyslut1.jpg picture by belladaisy27

moneyslut2.jpg picture by belladaisy27

I know some of you boys might be discouraged when I post about my big spenders, but like I've told some of you before...of course the fastest way to get my attention is to Pay Me, but some of my favorites aren't big spenders at all.  I find ways for every one of you to be of some use to me, it doesn't always have to be through your wallet.. and even those little tributes here and there add up;)

Robin.. you got the lock.. now let's use it!  Don't be scared ;)