August 4th, 2010

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Before I list the night's events...   if anyone knows what works the best for sea sickeness send me a message.  I'm going on a cruise to Bermuda next month and need to try something new.  Last time I went my Dr gave me a prescription patch you put behind your ear.  It worked great  - we were caught in a horrible storm for 2 days and I was fine.. except I got hit with some of the listed side effects - the main one being "blurred vision"...  I couldn't read anything for about 12 hours and it freaked me out not knowing how long it would last.   Other than the whole going blind thing, the cruise was a blast and I can't wait to go back;)

SP-Jim was back again tonight...  he's such a good cuckie bitch , he knows to send a
$100 tribute before calling.  Tonight I kept him on the phone for a humiliating hour and half.

I noticed I made a note on my calendar that my blackmail  bitch RY starts a new job tomorrow...    I decided to give him a call to wish him good luck, but instead I just waited for him to answer, then hung up and spent a lil over
$70 on Amazon with his credit card.
See ya on pay day RY ;)

Rexy let me hear a little sample of the new song he wrote for me, I of course like it cause it's All About Me, but he still has a cold, so I told him to hold off till he feels (and sounds) a little better.

Sniff Sniff little dick Jeff called again... normally he's only good for ten minutes, but  I wasn't happy with that, and made his edge for almost an hour.

Ray - nice job tonight cum sucker;)

Like so many of you... Loser Tim can't resist my cleavage... 
I ended up using him for $75 in PTV mail.