October 18th, 2010

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Margaritas in the limo on the way to see Jersey Boys... 
I had 5 tickets so I took my Mom, my sister, and 2 friends...
we all loved it.
Cuckie thanks for the sweater dress..and Riley for the necklace ;)
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Then Sunday I went to the Eagles game which was so much fun...(minus Jackson getting hurt, that was kinda scary to see)  But for me any game that I don't have to see Vick play is a great game.

Then I came home to watch the Phillies.... while I was watching them win (thank god) I was also working on UK D...
and worked him I did... for $1,200.   
$294 for the phone calls and $750 in Tributes.  But a little bit later I decided I wasn't done with him...so I took a few calls then made him log on to "T.V." so I could assist him in buying the coffee table off my wishlist..after tax and shipping it ended up coming to $156... so a nice even $1,200 :)

He couldn't resist when I started swinging my ring on a chain in his face
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D ~ 2 fingers huh?, hahaha ;) Slut

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