October 21st, 2010

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 Long Hair Fetish $lut Andrew stopped by tonight...he's so addicted to my long hair, he just couldn't resist sending tributes and opening every pay mail I sent.  I didn't realize it, but it was a lil over 2 hours - time flys when the tributes just keep coming. 
In the end I took $1,600 from him, then sent him off to work on the Sheep Farm, or whatever it is he does in New Zealand ;)
Of course after NF fees I got $1,120...  1120 for having long Goddess hair...yea it doesn't get any easier than that ;)

** Now - pay attention boys ** I know a lot of you are discouraged when you read about my big spenders.  After I posted UK D's $1,200 night a couple days ago I've been getting a lot of my subs telling me they feel they can't compete or they can't keep up with others and don't think they'll be able to make me happy.  (I've said it before, some of my favorites aren't big spenders) 
*You don't have to have a LOT of money to be useful to me, there are many ways to entertain me.... at the same time, I've been blocking Time Wasters left and right the past couple weeks... New Bitches - if YOU want my attention you have to pay FIRST!

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