October 30th, 2010

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Allan has returned...he was able to resist for a short while, but in the end, my "immaculate wallet draining cleavage" as he puts it, over powered him and he was begging for more Pay-to-view mail :)

I have a couple new boys to mention...insta boob zombies, they didn't stand a chance;)

Another one who can't resist my cleavage...
"RCP" emailed me and when I asked what he was into, this was his reply:
RCP -"im into almost anything fin dom i have a smoking fetish um sum it up i get turned on giving hot girls money lol"
I replied telling him I don't smoke, but would be happy to take his money;)
RCP-"u didn't look like u did you look really healthy and u have a great smile really white teeth u didn't strike me as a smoker"
and so it began -
the first PTV : you like giving hot girls money.... and I Love taking it...
it wasn't until about $75 later that he asked for a picture. I wasn't home, so I couldn't take new pics, but he was more than happy to receive the ones I had stored on my laptop... and so the PTV's continued with him coming back for more the next day.
I do have one of those prop puff cigarettes...maybe if he works hard enough I'll take some pics with it;)

Then there's R-bitch, serving me from China. He's been dying for my humiliation. The combination of my cleavage pics while "ragging him" (as he likes to call it) for being such a cock sucker makes the tributes flow so easily:)

Chicago Mikey called a few times tonight...
He was hoping one of my "bitches" would be online for him to talk to. The usual guys I hook him up with, Master Joe, Mark, or PB weren't around. He kept saying it's because they're scared, so I had to remind him of all the YouTube videos I have of him submitting like a little bitch.
Here's the bra and book Mikey picked up from my wishlist:
chi.jpg picture by belladaisy27

The comforter set from Lion...  that's the coffee table from UKD under it... 
The dresser from Lion and the night stand from 1HB were also delivered today.
Of course it would be easier to just buy it from a furniture store and have it delivered, but since I'm not the one who has to put all this stuff together, I prefer to have all you pets buy it online:)
red1-1.jpg picture by belladaisy27

Cuckie just picked up a few presents for my sister on my wishlist.  She's going to Thailand for 3 weeks to learn Thai massage (and vacation).  She tried to get me to go with her, but 26 hours on a plane?..no thanks...just send me some pictures;)

As I'm writing this entry, Whipped Puppy Jeff has been sending tributes, he's up to $150, I think I'll let him keep going a little bit more, than I'm off to bed;)

** Bitch Andrew was back tonight to tell me why he hates me. LOL**