November 4th, 2010

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Making PB entertain me....
Dance Puppet...Dance


-My Foot Bitch Brian was back again tonight.  It's so easy to make him weak with one lil pic of my feet in flip flops as I raise the rate on him.

-$lave A is back (the loser I put on blast last week for being a time waster)  He is a persistent little bitch...every time he IMed me I'd either ignore him or simply say "Tribute or Fuck Off".  Well it took a week, but he finally got it and sent a $35 gc.  So I agreed to watch his cam and play some money games.  With him they usually include a lot of push ups and other exercises and typing with his elbows, LOL.  After the first game he owed me $40...he tried to do his usual "let's build up the amount, then I'll pay" bs.  Nope - not playing that with him.  Pay or go away!  So he sent it and soon I was ready for more $...he had the balls to be offended when I said I don't trust him and he has a reputation with other Dommes I talk to as being a Time Waster... according to him they're all lying..  LOL..RIGHT!   So in the end I got $135 out of him and I enjoyed every minute with a smile on my face watching him sweat and struggle while telling me his muscles were about to give out and he couldn't do any more.    He wanted to keep going and was actually paying, but I was tired, so I signed off, leaving him wanting more.

AussieManBoobs has been coming back more often...he can't resist paying for my humiliation.  Oink piggy ;)

Another piggy...  Pay Pig John8 has been good for shopping on Amazon.  He's kinda new,  but off to a good start.