November 15th, 2010

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I told DZ Bitch to write 300 words on why I should let him serve me...
(he made it exactly 300, lol)
DZ: I was tempted to do 299 to see if you were checking or to see what would happen
good thing for him, he didn't;)

I am writing this as part of my assignment to the benevolent Princess Bella Daisy.  I wound up stumbling into her web not too long ago as I was browsing the net.  I must say that I feel so lucky that I found her, as if the browser itself knew where to go.


Princess Bella Daisy is the most beautiful Princess and I feel lucky to be considered to serve her.  We have chatted a bit over the last few days, at her discretion and convenience, and she is alluring as well as captivating.  She combines beauty, wit, wickedness and glamour in a fix that has brought me to submission.


I desire to serve her as I feel drawn to her, not that she has forced this on me, but rather I feel pushed towards her.  We have discussed blackmail, outing, money exchange and devotion.  I feel lucky to be considered by her for all of the above.  Should she choose to change the rules, modify them or drop me completely I feel honored to have had the chance to cross her path and chat.


I would like to become her model victim.  By that I mean react to her whims and commands, accept fate that she bestows up on me (like an ointment), accept consequences with humility and atonement. 


I know that some of her requests and commands may be challenging as I enter this.  I only hope to be able to respond in a fashion that amuses her and gives her a total sense of control.  I know it will require patience on my behalf and anticipate being taught lessons of life by Princess Bella.  I hope she accepts me into her circle and allows me the chance to be her fool, to use as she sees fit.