November 28th, 2010

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A couple presents from the Denmark sub arrived...
he wanted to prove to me that he was for real before I wasted even a minute speaking with him.

and more presents from My Pet Jay....

After waiting forever in line at Toys R Us after Thanksgiving dinner... Loser Mark got his dessert by paying double to be publicly humiliated by me :)  I sent him into a gas station with me on speaker phone...of course he headed straight to the pastry section...picked out some iced cakes and headed to the register...where I let the cashier know exactly what he was going to do in the parking lot with those cakes.  Just to make sure everyone heard... I said it even louder the 2nd time... he almost lost it right there in the store.. lol LOSER!

A new Long Hair $lave contacted me... he was Very good about opening my Pay-to-view mails as quickly as I sent them until we maxed out his card:)

Another week goes by with DZ bitch paying his Friday tribute on time...actually he paid a day early again because he's so scared to find out what happens if he's late;)