December 12th, 2010

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If you haven't bought my Holiday Loser Assignment... get it while you can...

I've had such a busy week/weekend... finally got the tree decorated today, even though I bought it a week ago.  Some of my favorite ornaments were bought by you boys over the years... I love my Christmas Story ones from Cuckie and the newest one, the Christmas Vacation Moose Mug from Denmark Jan.


The wishlist presents keep coming .... keep up the good work doing my Christmas shopping for me..
I know you boys love to see the presents you buy me... My Pet Jay, the big wrapped one is the Heavy Bag you bought;) You make such a good cuckie bitch.



~1HB surprised me with a $100 tribute :)

~DZ Bitch paid his weekly dues early, but I still had fun teasing him with the thought of being outed on my journal.

~I've had 14 new callers this weekend...a bunch of quick losers, but a few might have potential... of course I'm going to make them prove themselves before earning a mention on here.

I always have fun doing CBT sessions with Sissy Damian..look at him all dressed up in his gf's bra and panties...  she's asked him before NOT to wear her stuff because she's afraid he'll stretch it out.      Seriously Damian.. she's caught you in sessions with me before and the only thing she asked you to do was NOT wear her  BUT.. I did tell him he had to wear something red for the Holidays:)


A new sissy who's been coming around... 
this prancing bitch has been entertaining me lately...

As I was signing off last night, Drone "M" IMed me, looking for a Forced Intox session...
He had a full bottle of Jager, turned on his cam, started sending tributes  and we were good to go.  He planned on only spending $50 and doing a few shots, but by the time I was done with him he killed the entire bottle (puked at the end of the call)  and sent me $265.
btw- he's fine.. thanked me for the call... and thanked me over and over again this morning when I checked on him to see how he was feeling. ( I was expecting  regretful and hung over, but he couldn't be more thankful for such a good session, lol)... and he's back again with tributes tonight:)