January 8th, 2011

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Love making my puppets dance....

I was all smiles watching this bitch dance around like a fairy sucking on her pacifier...until... this happened...
keep your plugs in your asses losers ....no one wants to see that!!

and after taking a mini break to save up enough to serve me... PB is back to being my dancing fool...



Piggy M stopped by last night ... he caught me in between calls so I decided to play a couple Yahoo games with him...apparently I can't be beat at Word Racer and that cost him $100 worth of presents off my wishlist.   Actually.. he beat me in a game of checkers, I took his money anyway... and then switched to Word Racer to take more;)

Today's presents... the Home Depot gift cards are from Dr Tony and Jsub...everything else is from My Pet Jay (including the dog cage that the gifts are sitting on)  The one Christmas Vacation ornament was from my bitch Lion a couple weeks ago, I liked it so much I added another to my list for a friend.

As instructed, my new blackmail bitch JC came back tonight... he made the mistake of closing one of his accounts...lucky for him, I was nice enough to log into TV and reopen it for him... and take $155.

Whipped Puppy was in need of some light cbt... this quick lil session cost him $225 :)