January 26th, 2011

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I thought it was supposed to rain this morning, but instead I woke up to everything covered in snow... it looks so pretty and the dogs couldn't wait to get out and play in it. I'll be online for the next hour or 2...come find me..
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Angry Andrew already called me today.. "Hi, this is Andrew, the guy who hates you"...it was around noon, so I enjoyed teasing him, pointing out that even in the middle of the day- when he's completely sober - he still can't resist calling and giving me more of his money.


Last night I had a new caller "Mo", he said he found me on YouTube..and then he didn't say much else.....now as awesome as I am, I'm not a mind reader...I wasn't sure which direction to take the call in.. so I went for one of my favorites...Raise the Rate:)  I figured he'd either be into it.. or just hang up and not call back. I started out slow - just raised it by a dollar to see what he did.. sure enough he called right back..so then I moved on to $6, $8, and $10/min as I told him how I deserve his money.  I ended up taking $325 from him. I kept making him stare at the pics of me holding money with a big smile on my face...because after all boys...you're money belongs in my hands.

I filled up My Pet Jay's shopping cart online at Victoria's Secret and let him buy me $200 worth of pretty bras and panties...then  I had him pick up the Crest Whitestrips off my wishlist