February 6th, 2011

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I saw Robin Hood sign on tonight...so I sent him a message and said "Let's go"
He knew he had some making up to do after the stunt he pulled a little while ago.   He ended up spending $650 on my wish list tonight..but I'm still leaving the old post with his pic up (and it's on WR's site anyway;)
So we did some shopping... after about $400 on me, I decided he needed to replace the sissy dress that he threw out last time he was "giving all this up"... we took a wish list break and I found this dress and wig for him...
Black & Pink PVC Dress and Mop Cap

That was enough money spent on him...so after making the YouTube video, I sent him back to my wishlist for another $250 worth of presents.

Swiss Subbie came on...so I told him to grab a drink and tribute.
He sent $100, but could only stay on for a few minutes.  I gave him the option of either staying and drinking...or sending another $100 for permission to go to bed. 
$200 for 10 minutes?...sweet dreams subbie ;)


-After sending SS to bed, I grabbed onto $lave P's puppet strings and took $100 from him.

-Dicklet Piggy P was back tonight... I had fun teasing him about his useless teenie weenie while taking $200 from him.

As of right now the highest bidder on my socks is 1HB with $100, but I'm going to wait till Monday and see what happens. Speaking of 1HB, he just sent his nightly $50 tribute, making that $350 from him this week.

Lots of boys have been calling almost daily...
- The 3 that stand out the most would be Lil Dick Beau, Dinger Donger, and Smoking/Holding/Stroking Marc.

-Of course Prancer's still prancing;)

-I want to welcome back TW...he blocked me on NF a couple months ago, but still watched (and commented) my YouTube videos. Finally last night he gave in and messaged me... I replied with a little Pay Mail of course. $60 was good T, but you still have one for $25 waiting..I saved the best for last;)

-Loser Phillip called, so I sent him to Victoria's Secret to shop online... he spent $200 on a bra and 2 pairs of sandals.  They should be in my P.O. Box sometime next week.

-Lion's back in full bitch mode (just how I like him) That whole resisting thing only lasted a few weeks.

-Loser Mark called on his way home from the Lincoln Park concert...so I raised the rate and made him take the phone (on speaker phone) into a gas station store and buy a blueberry danish.  While waiting in line, I loudly asked him if he was excited to get out to the parking lot and jerk off with his danish.  As he was paying I said "I know you can't wait to sit in the parking lot and jerk off with your danish Pastry Fucker"  "Do the people in line know what a loser you are?"  Needless to say, he barely made it into his car before tearing open the package and humping away.

The nail polish from Tara Sissy came.

My Pet Jay has been doing lots of Wish List Shopping...you boys should too! 

P.S.  Hey Plunger Face ;)  lol 

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  Happy Super Bowl Sunday... since it's not the Eagles, I don't really care who wins..but I'm rooting for the Packers because I love how they're owned by the city of Green Bay. Also because I remember watching Aaron Rodgers sit there on camera, for hours on Draft Day-not getting picked.
Still my favorite halftime show...