March 7th, 2011

(no subject)

-My Bitch Lion said I could take $15...oops I could have sworn he said $150 :)  He was mad for about an hour, but he knows his place and got over it quickly.

-Foot Bitch Brian... June 9-12 Phillies vs. Cubs -- you're on..  have your wallet ready ;)

-Pantyhose Bitch.. welcome back, get your tutu on ;)

-Loser Mark called tonight..he made a loser dick sandwich and hid in the bathroom while I raised the rate...

-1HB...still making paying his Princess priority # 1!  Such a loyal puppy, always sitting at my feet where he belongs.

-Lots of new boys popping up every day...

I think the two who have the most potential would be Sissy Slut R, who fully completed my blackmail app and loser assignments with picture proof...and.. SD-Nate who was eager to please me with wish list presents and a tribute. 

If you haven't hit up my wish list lately.. what are you waiting for??

This entry is kinda short.. I haven't been around as much as you boys are used to....  the contractor said everything should be finished by Tuesday... fingers crossed...  I'm so over getting up at the crack of dawn...I'd rather be draining wallets till the sun comes up;)