March 9th, 2011

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Stop trying to fight it piggies... I always get your money ;)

Sissy Damian was back for another forced fem/cbt session.  He's been asking for a session with another sub...I haven't decided which lucky loser I'm going to let join in on the fun.



Prancer's back with a new bonnet and even more bows... it's hard to see, but he put bows on his heels, dress, and strap on pacifier.

For some silly reason Sam-d thought I was done with him once I maxed out his credit card.  I messaged him a couple times, but didn't hear back, so I had to remind him that he was the one that came to me looking for blackmail.  He said he didn't think I would want to talk to him since he didn't have money for me.  He was wrong...   I still expect him to check in with me every night... CC maxed out.. but he did manage to come up with a $75 tribute;)


-SD-Nate has been doing some wish list shopping while I make him into more of a sissy.  I told him to get on far he only has a little thong to dance around in.... I told him to get some make up and a dress for our next session.

-Sissy Slut R is still working on nightly's fun to see how far I can push him.

-While on a call with Driver Tom, I easily sucked $250 out of him.  I think it's funny he says he doesn't really have a thing for feet, yet the more I talked about them, the quicker the tributes started coming. 
During DT's call, 1Hb and Denial Piggy were trying to get my attention.  I told 1Hb to tribute and ended up raising the rate on piggy once I let him call.

Today's presents...