March 31st, 2011

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*I'm going out of town for a couple days, but will be taking calls Friday during the day, probably around catch me while you can for some rare daytime abuse;)

It's late and I have to pack, but I figured I'd do a quick update to hold you boys over while I'm gone...

First a couple reminders...  DZ and're late... pay me!

-New boys.. Barry the fairy and caged bitch paul...both were easy to humiliate, and DRQ, who  was good for about a $100. 

-German Geo called and couldn't thank me enough for charging him $7./min :)

-Cummy Scott gave in and called...of course I had to hit him hard with the tributes...    Slutface, when are you going to learn that if you came around more often I wouldn't have to make up for lost time? ;)

-I helped myself to M$'s credit card and $230 in wish list presents while he sat at my feet,worshiping his Goddess.

-L8000 has been working hard to keep the tributes coming.

-Someone else who is working hard to please me... bitch Leroy, with daily tributes and shopping.  Tonight I went on TV and cleared off $200 worth of Victoria's Secret from my wish list while making him practice his sucking.   He's getting better every day.