May 21st, 2011

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My bitches have been working hard to keep me happy...

-My Pet Jay set his alarm while working to make sure he was online at 10am to buy me tickets to see Daniel Tosh's - Tosh On Ice Tour...he's coming to PA & NJ in July.

-Riley just did a $300 drive-by on my wishlist.

-I told bitch Leroy he's not allowed to wear boxers anymore.  I had him empty out his entire drawer, throw them in the trash, and cover them in bleach, ketchup, and a few other condiments from his fridge.   
He belongs in a bra and panties...

 A new bitch found me on YouTube the other day...  he was eager to serve, so I made him send some pics and tribute.   Then I made him go into my flirt store and buy all my feet and leg pics.  He ended up spending $775 in 2 days.

After spending $600, I thought he might run away, but nope - I woke up to these away messages the next morning...

When I got online that night I made him send another $175 in tributes


$lave Del sent $130 in tributes a couple days ago and then deleted his account...  but has returned once again tonight... spending $325 tonight...$250 in tributes and $75 on a call.

-UKD stopped by to send a quick $50 tribute.

-J bitch sent $100 in tributes.

-MC sent a $50 tribute thinking I would let him cum.  He was wrong.

-Loser Tim opened $50 in PTV mail.

-CummyScott spent $240 over the past couple days.

-WL sent me a $75 moneypak

Presents from my bitches... I still have a few things waiting in my PO Box...