June 17th, 2011

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I haven't updated in a while...let's see who I remember...

Mickey wanted another forced intox session...last time I watched him drink an entire bottle of Jager...that didn't turn out too well for him, so this time he stuck with a six pack as I took $150 from him.


Here's Sissy Damian dressed up as Dorothy...  in the first pic I made him do push ups while sucking a dildo..  and in the 2nd he's applying lots of red lipstick while wearing the ball gag.


Lil dick RP has been good for $784 in tributes this week.


I made Whipped Puppy send $200 in tributes as he wagged his tail and begged to serve me.

Sam D appeared..it only took a couple minutes before I had him handing over $200 and prancing around the house in his clear stripper heels.

Leb Mo's been coming and going lately..I had him send $80 before he vanished again.

I had fun with a new cbt caller - Charles.  I think he'll be back for round 2 today.

Sub boy's been calling a lot lately.... hog tied and humiliated in front of his girlfriend is what he deserves for being such a wimp ;)

1Hb surprised me with an extra $300 in tributes... yes his new job is working out just fine;)

Gary and END have been opening lots of pay mails ranging from $20 - $50...  they can't get enough of my cleavage;)

Wish List presents....  from Leb Mo, Swimmer, and MPJ...

I already have the black iPhone, but I wanted it in white, so I'll give my other one away.


I'm meeting up with friends today for Happy Hour... then I'll most likely be online tonight. Not sure what's going on the rest of the weekend... Saturday will most likely be a pool day.. then Sunday is Father's Day.

Tuesday and Wed I'll be out of town (if it doesn't rain)- going away over night.. not saying where till I get back cause there are too many stalkers online, but you lucky bitches can take care of my main expenses:

My hotel: $240
Doggie Suite at the Pet Hotel for my Shih tzus: $150  (a friend is staying at my house to take care of my Chows)