September 25th, 2011

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Hi boys.. I'm back.. had a great time at the shore. There was a little rain, but still got a few good beach days in..and even with the rain still had fun with family and friends.
I'm thinking of renting it again 1 week in June and 1 week in September next year...who's paying?;)

I have a mini update for you.. from last Friday (the night before I left) and then Friday and Saturday after I returned.

I'll start with a new Blackmail bitch.."Ben"... he was good for $75 in tributes.... but owes 250 Pounds ($385) on Friday the 30th... or 350 ($540) if his room is still messy. (while having him give me a cam tour of his room I decided he needs to tidy up or pay more) I took some video and pics of him..holding signs and begging for blackmail. He messaged me while I was on vacation...telling me he's scared.. I don't like whiny bitches.. I might just let him pay the buyout and run along... I haven't decided yet.

I did a $200 Forced Intox session with Popping Reject before I left...then another when I returned for $100 cause his roommate came home and had to cut it short.

Lil Dick RP called my ignore line...the call plus an extra hundred in tributes cost him $170 for my humiliation ;)

I had a nice chat with Sissy Michell...shame she couldn't be dressed up in all her pink ruffles with the wife around.

I emailed DZ bitch to let him know it was Friday again..time to make him a Live Journal celebrity...but before I could post his pics, there was already a tribute in my email. Saved this week DZ ;)

Speaking of bitches.. that reminds me.. Lion messed up..big time. I signed on Yahoo from the beach house Thursday...I told Lion to give me his Amazon password since he changed it again. He didn't want to give it to me cause he said I'd be mad.. he changed it to FuckBellaD..that didn't make me mad.. it made me laugh. He said he was mad at me at the time cause I know how to push his buttons and get what I want. So anyway..... what Did make me mad though was the fact that the $105 or $110 (I forget) in gift cards I sent never came...and when I went to resend them on Friday - he changed the pw again. He's been serving me for too many years to pull this shit..
Now I'm not losing sleep over $110, but I think Lion will if I called his house or posted his wanker pics and videos don't ya think? ;) Better fix it soon bitch;)

Tmack sent $200 in tributes last night as I recorded him on cam telling me how he's looking forward to some blackmail fun. I have a feeling he'll be in panties by the end of the week...and then in a full Hooters uniform sometime during the month of October;)

$lave Del/ Panty Slut Dena returned (for a week).. He sent me $400 in tributes while I was away, then spent another $400 in tributes and gc's when I got back. I think he might have run off again, but we both know it wont be long before he returns to his Princess Donna ;)

I used $1,250.oo in Amazon gc's from you boys and bought the flat screen on my wish list.. should be delivered Tuesday. Now I'm thinking I want a new one for my computer room too...but much smaller cause it'll sit on the desk.
Get shopping!

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