December 3rd, 2011

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New boy Darryl couldn't resist opening $490 in PTV mail this week. He kept coming back for more.

Sissy Michell has been a good girl...sending me $305 in tributes, including whatever her tab was at Hooters.
Riley sent a drive by $100 tribute. 
Then I did a drive by on Lion, taking $100 from him on Amazon. 
After that, I took $150 from J-bitch.

Cummy Scott realized the best way for him to get close to me is to be my sissy, girly, girlfriend.  He sent $115 and I had fun discussing make up and making him wear panties every day to work.  Next we'll do some online clothes shopping...maybe I'll have him shop for me and get the same for himself too:)

Norway Svenn sent $155 and then disappeared.

Element, who I now call "Bella's-wannabe​-slave-E", because he's my slave in training... has been doing Lots of wish list shopping this week.  So has My Pet Jay, as usual;)

I took $110 from UK Rob while teasing him about how much he can't stop thinking about BBC.

Popping Reject came back for a $300 Forced Intox session.

JH sent me $60 since the Eagles sucked (again) the other night.  He thought it would cheer me up... I wasn't bummed...but thanks for the cash ;)  Speaking of the Eagles... Piggyboy Tony spent about $300... but he owes So much more, especially since I'm adding on 10% every day until he pays in full.

Whipped Puppy sits loyally at my feet and keeps sending whatever I tell him...I easily took $150.

Aussie P has been coming back more often for some humiliating CBT, so has Red-A.
$lave Del was doing good... sending $1,155 and dressing up in his new lingerie.  I'm pretty sure he ran off again last night... but...   I'll talk to you Very soon Dena!

Robin Hood made a brief appearance...sent $50, then turned into a time waster.. I'm sure he doesn't care if I post his pic..

But here's someone who Will care....

Swedish Pantyhose Blackmail Bitch Sune...(edit: paid)   look at that big smile on your face. Look at you, so happy wearing your wife's bra. Did you really think I was going to let you run off and waste my time when you know you owe me money??

Lots of wishlist presents coming in...

new favorite lipstick..