June 10th, 2012

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I'm back from the shore.  The weather was beautiful... except for one rainy day, so we drove over to the new Revel casino in Atlantic City.  I just played the penny slots, but hit the $240 Jackpot 3 times.  I was up to $908, but left with a lil over $700...not bad for pennies;) 
Early morning drive on the beach, my Shih tzu, Butters in the back.
Just a couple pics snapped with my cell phone
I left Yahoo signed on from my iPhone all week...checked it occasionally.  Sissy Michell and Norway Sissy both sent $50 Tributes, a new boy, I'll call Bweak sent a $50 Tribute also.   UK Martin sent $400 towards his monthly $1500 balance.       I was so glad to be away while the bathroom remodel was going on, unfortunately it wont be finished till Tues or Wed.     I came home from the shore on Saturday and went to see the Broadway Play of Beauty & the Beast in Philly.  It was a great show and once again, Cuckie JJ paid for all 4 of our tickets.  I snuck a few pics with my phone. 
I've only been back for a couple hours and have been super busy with my good boys online.     I'll be back to normal - on Yahoo and NiteFlirt most nights of the week...occasionally some day time sessions if you tribute and schedule it the night before.