July 2nd, 2012

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My panty slut Kimberly stopped by for some training and sent $650. 
-Kimberly,  don't forget to buy at least 3 new pairs of panties!  You belong in them every single day!
-1HB sent an extra $250 in Tributes.  I had him entertain me on cam after sitting at my feet for hours, waiting for my attention.
-I had a fun TV session with Puppet P and took an easy $350.
Piggyboy Tony handed over $430....
he knows where his money really belongs;)
I took $465 from My Bitch Lion...it's my credit card now;)
-Blackmail Bitch Ben came back for more Yahoo games.   He thinks he's saving money by not being in a contract, but ended up handing over $500 because he still can't beat me in Literati.
 Sissy Michell put on her ruffles and sent $125
  Popping Reject came around for a couple Forced Intox sessions.
 Cuck Loser Piggy B called to humiliate himself on cam for me.
 Sissy Damian...get on your knees and start sucking!  You should be practicing for at least 10 minutes every day!
-RY Bitch is back on a weekly payment schedule.  He's locked in till the end of the year...  or as he put it -Forever, since he'll never be able to stop himself from coming back.
-I had some fun Raise the Rate calls with Money Slave Paul and JDG.
-Sky has been sending me videos every night... he'll do whatever I suggest, no matter how humiliating.   One included Icy Hot and Q-tips, in another I had him smack his loser dick with a shoe, because he loves hearing me say I'll crush him like a bug. 
-Cowboy has been doing a good job of serving me.  He checks in with emails during the day and night, makes sure to get his edges in, and calls nightly also.
-Walter wants to be a better panty wearing cock sucker, so I made him go out and buy a dildo to practice with.   He was also ordered to spend more time in Gay chat rooms and seems to be loving it.
-Loser Mark - the pastry fucker, switched it up a bit and grabbed a banana peel for our latest humiliation session.
-Whipped Puppy messaged me just to say he could resist me.   Ok, cool... so I  continued doing what I was doing before he messaged me and it wasn't long before he couldn't take it anymore and had to tribute..and tribute again.  It's almost too easy sometimes.    The more I ignore him the weaker he becomes.
-Some other boys who came around this week - Red dog who is still struggling with the thought of wearing panties,  UK Andrew, UK Sailor, Tutu R,  UK Doggie J, and Breast $lave T. 
Speaking of breasts....Cuck John is calling more than ever.  He forgot all about his cuckold fantasies because he can't stop thinking about my cleavage.  I enjoy raising the rate on him because I know how bad he needs to hear my voice. 
Good Boy Gary continues to open every picture I send him.   He knows how good it feels to give his money to my cleavage.