October 3rd, 2012

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Sissy Michell is such a good girl...  she sent  me $500 and is closer to being locked up in her new Exobelt chastity... The heart shaped lock and keys she bought are very cute, but I have other locks that I know she can't get open.

Long Hair Fetish Slut A stopped by for a chat and sent $530 because he can't help but give in and be weak for my long hair.

Slave Del/ My Panty Slut Kimberly stopped by for a quick chat and sent $200.  Kimberly, it's time to get back to Full Time Training!

Blackmail Bitch Ben is still broke...so I let him off the hook again with just a $150 Tribute, but he'll be making up for it in a few weeks.

UK Tim will never beat me at Literati... it cost him $175 and a mouth full of his own cum.

Good Boy Gary continues to click and pay every day for My Cleavage...
MG tried to fight it... he did good (for a few days)... but couldn't resist and ended up handing over an easy $135 to my cleavage ;)

SLSean knows he must worship my cleavage...he sends tributes whenever he calls and happily handed over an extra $250.  He also bought every pic in My Flirt Store and completed Loser Assignments 1 & 2.

Cuck John continues to call so I can raise the rate on him... like so many of you, forget about the wife... He Needs My Cleavage!

TDY still needs my guidance, so I assisted him in handing over $220.

Ignored Loser Jason has been calling more often...the more he calls, the higher I raise the rate and make him tribute:)
Sissy Mic came back looking to serve...  sissies belong in panties all the time!  With the wife out of the way...she can dress up pretty every day!

Piggyboy Tony will be paying me...forever...just keeps those tributes coming Doc;)

Wimpy Loser Chicago Mikey (in red) didn't stand a chance against this smaller
(yet stronger) guy in yellow...you know he's loving the winner's crotch in his face.

My Foot Slave Bob couldn't help but be turned into a Slave for My Cleavage...he was begging to buy more and more pics...

Some other boys who called or sent tributes this week...
Loser Mark...the pastry fucker

SDNate the diaper bitch

Whore Dorian

Cowboy A

Jim G


UK Slave D

Piggy Loser Chris

Popping Reject

Spoiling Sam

Foot Bitch Rob

Slut Jenny

My Bitch Lion

Loser Perv Timmy


Sissy Scott returned




BBC loving Sailor

Doc Will

Faggy Beau

Addicted Gar
Wish List presents... the couch and chair and other presents from My Pet Jay,  Skater boy E bought the book, but I have some other things coming from him, and M$ bought the calendar and sheets.