November 24th, 2013

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Hi boys... this post will be a lil shorter than normal because I'm trying to get back to posting once or twice a week. I was only online 4 nights this past week, but you kept me busy ...

Just how I like it... I'm still controlling TDY's finances. I make sure all the credit cards I helped him apply for are paid on time and when I see he's spending money on "silly purchases", I go and spend the same amount (or more) on myself. I took $720 from him this week and of course he thanked me for being such a great BOSS!

 photo david-11-15-2.jpg
My panty slut Slave Del sent me $150 and was so happy to be wearing panties. He was also excited to show me a new outfit he ordered online, but when I messaged him about his new clothes - he told me he threw them out already and was "done with this stuff". HA! oh stop it! Just like all the other panty boys who try to "quit" this... you can't help it... you can't fight it. You love being in panties.. your cock loves being in panties... and you Crave My Control! Your mini break is over, panty slut, it's time to get back to your training.


I had Swedish Loser M open $290 in Pay-to-view mails telling him what a loser he is. He was begging for more, but I was falling asleep, so I told him he'd just have to wait to be used some more.

My Pet J has been doing lots of Amazon shopping, clearing over $800 off my wish list this week.


Blackmail Bitch Ben only had $150 for me this week( he owed at least $500), which means I added on lots of late fees that I'll be happy to collect next month.


I took $200 from Tom. He just started a contract with me - $100/week for the next 2 months.

 photo Gary-11-17.jpg

Good Boy Gary clicked and paid $140 to my cleavage.

CBT Jimmy opened $90 in PTV teasing, denying, ball busting mail.

Fay is such a chronic masturbating addict...he can't stay away from my cleavage, no matter how much he loves to hate it.

 photo Gary-11-17-2.jpg


Loser Mark - the pastry fucker has been paying $30/min lately.

Stroking-Smoking-Holding Marc called me - I drained him for 90 minutes and made him pay $10 for each pic I sent giving the finger. What a loser!
 photo f-u-1.jpg

Blast from the past - Sissy Mimi called. She just can not get enough of the BBC.

I messaged Sissy Michell while she was at Hooters... my good girl always follows my instructions.
 photo Michell-hooters.jpg

Sissy Slut Samantha surprised me with a $100 tribute. She loves the BBC - the bigger the better with this whore.

Loser Dirk put on his pink panties and I made him hump his pillow...that's the only sex he gets.

New boy-Slave James sent me a $30 tribute to say hello...then I couldn't help but laugh at the lil dick loser for being locked in chastity for 2 years. No sex for him now, either!

I had fun draining Loser Puppet Scott for almost an hour tonight. Listening to his loser stories, had me giggling quite a bit.

Cowboy A returned to serve his Mistress. He was way over due for a session.

Red called back to session. I was sure he would have given up trying to give himself a facial for my amusement after his 1st failed attempt... but this time he did it right.... ya just gotta get those legs up higher in the air boys! haha

Eric B sent me $50 for my blackmail application. Lets see if he ever gets the balls to fill it out ;)

Frode sent me $50 for a new lock for his CB6000...of course I still have the key:)

Wish List presents from MPJ and TDY...

 photo wl-xb1.jpg

 photo wl-xb.jpg


3 pics - $10 - My freshly pedicured bare feet and pretty pink toes


 photo lilD.jpg

$20 Small Penis Tax

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