December 24th, 2018

Wallet Draining Dr Piggyboy Tony

I wasn't planning on coming online tonight, but I could tell Dr Piggyboy was aching to be drained. He has been serving me for many years... through Med School and his residency... all while promising me once he starts making big money, he's going to pay so much more. He was always good for extra tributes (as all piggies should), but he's finally ready to take it to another level. Yesterday while chatting, he came up with a rate plan he thinks all doctors should pay. Yesterday he sent a couple hundred in tributes while we were in the NF Chat, then he came back tonight to chat some more. After sending another $200 in tributes, he asked if I would be willing to turn my phone lines on. (I wasn't planning on taking calls, I just logged on to answer some NF texts) But... I figured now would be a good time to start jacking up his piggy rate. So $34.99 per minute it is... until I raise it on him again in July, when he will be paying the Attending Rate of $50/min.
Piggy was drained hard. $1,644. for the phone calls and then he sent the remainder of his NF balance which was $259.

 photo dpt-4.jpg

 photo DPT_1.jpg

 photo dpt-2.jpg

 photo DPT-5.jpg

I won't be on Christmas Eve or Christmas day, but you can come find me on the 26th... hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

If you don't have my entire collection of pics and vids... treat yourself ;)