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As I mentioned earlier, I had a great time on my cruise....  the weather was beautiful and I didn't get sick once, which was a miracle for me.  Not only did Royal Caribbean refund me $600 because we had to go to the Bahamas instead of Bermuda, I won $460 on a 2 cent slot machine in the ship's was like getting paid to go on vacation :)  I was also happy to see some of you bought my pay-to-view pics and hit up a few tribute buttons while I was gone.  
Last night I got right back into the swing of things with my Yahoo flooded with messages from my loyal pets waiting to serve their Princess...
I was only on for a little bit  before calling it a night.. but did manage to make a few hundred, which of course makes me happy;)
1HB sat at my feet all night until I allowed him to go to bed.
CummyTummy was needing to be used bad by me, so I had him put on his panties and call while sending nice tributes.
"TJ" came back to serve me right before I left for vacation, so I found him last night and showed him where his money belongs.
"B" can't decide what he likes more....huge boobs  or huge uncut cocks... either way I have fun teasing him for being such a lil dick loser.
Scott got a taste of my "Drink, Pay, Stroke" forced intox sessions last night....  it was kinda cute listening to him figure out why there was nothing inside my Pay-To-View emails.... "Oh because you're fucking me, you rule Princess"    LOL... yes silly... I'm here to fuck you over;)


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