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Loser Mark was trying to get a hold of me all weekend while he was partying in Vegas... he was hoping for some uninterrupted-out of town humiliation...  unfortunately we kept missing each other...  he wanted to make it up to me... so when he called I raised the rate to $5/min...that wasn't good enough so I raised it to $9.99...still not satisfied, I hung up on him again and made him pay $20/min as he hid in his bathroom humping his toilet like the pathetic loser he is.

Swiss Subbie came online to say hello after a night out celebrating...that ended costing him $200 to make me smile :)

Riley did some shopping on my wishlist.  I couldn't decide which pair of gold sandals I wanted to wear for Halloween.. so he bought all 3 and a pair of earrings:)
Cuckie just picked up the 2 Goddess costumes off my wishlist also.

1HB has till the end of the weekend to order his "Cheerleader Shorts"...better be working on your BellaDaisy cheer hb ;)