belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Loser Mark called....  he's  traveling on business.  ((The loser who has a thing for humping pastries;))
We needed a new way to humiliate him...   so he stood naked in front of the window of his first floor motel room for everyone walking and driving by to see.  He banged on the glass when people walked by.  A group of girls saw him and started pointing and laughing at how pathetic he is :)

"T" called again last night...   I had a lot of fun humiliating him for an hour long cam call :)

Scott called while humping the floor and stuffing his boxers in his mouth....  he's such a sissy loser.  I decided to write "whore" across his forehead  in bright pink lipstick.  He wanted me to invite my guy friends over so he can give them massages  and show me what a good cock sucker he is.  He's such a lil faggot!!

jrKevin called...  he was alone for a little while and snuck in a call  before his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend came home.  I asked him what's been going on and he told me his ex decided to keep him in the CB2000 until Christmas.  That'll be over a month he's had it on:)  poor guy;) lol     I said it's getting colder now,  did they give you a blanket yet..or are you still sleeping on the rug?  He said he still only had the rug, but lately the dog has been trying to sleep on it.  He made the mistake of pushing the dog off it and ended up having his balls punished for being so stupid.  He Knows the dog comes before him.  What was he thinking???;)

A new caller "M" bought me 2 pairs of boots and a book from my wishlist today...  Thanks M ;)

Tanline emailed me tonight:
t:How are You?  I was curious if all your Christmas shopping was done.
-Hi... no not yet... I still have a few more things to buy.
t:May i ask what's left?
-I still have to get a camera , a Ryobi tool set thing, and some gift cards for people.
t:What gift card can i get to help out?
-there's a $50 target gc on my wishlist  - that would be great:)
t:Thank you for letting me buy that.  What are you doing this weekend?
-$40 Pay-to-View mail:
Going out with friends and decorating my tree. You should pay for My Christmas tree this year:)
Which he paid right away :)

Mike from Chicago called earlier.  He has the old whore wife who he can't stand having sex with.  Mike's a dirty little slut anyway...  from now on when he calls he'll be dressed in his wife's panties ...while rubbing ice cubes on his balls and nipples and watching bi-porn:)


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