belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

There seemed to be a lot of "Andrews" last night...
It started with the T W Andrew (who I used to call Slave A, until he became a waste of space)... then Long Hair Fetish Slave Andrew popped online to send some tributes - no where near the $1,600 he spent last week, but he was off to a good start before being interrupted.
Then it was Bitch Andrew... he's called me a few times over the past couple months, but this week more than ever...
Poor Andrew is struggling with his own love/hate relationship with me...
He called me last night and seemed upset - when I asked what's wrong he said he hates me.  LOL 
so I said.. then why are you calling me?? 
He replied: "It's just not fair you make all this money and you don't have to do anything"
I said.. that's so not true Andrew, I have to talk to losers like you ;)
Andrew: I hate you, you're such a bitch!
Me:  awww what's the matter Andrew?...are you fighting with your dick because you just can't resist calling me,  you hate that I make so much money so easily, and you have to Pay for my attention?
Andrew: "please let me go"
Me: NO -- No Andrew you're going to stay on the phone as I take more and more of your hard earned money.  You're going to sit there "secretly" stroking away as more of your money goes to Me!
Andrew:  You're such a bitch !
Me:  Now Andrew is that any way to speak to the Goddess you can't get enough of?  I know you so badly want to hang up, but you Never will without my permission - now go add more money to your account :)

It went on like this the past 2 nights...I'd let him off the phone, and he'd end up calling back a little bit later.  I love reminding him that he's just adding to my bank account every time he calls to tell me he hates reading about my easy life and seeing pics of my vacations paid for by my subs.
At the end of our last call he said he Just realized he's my bitch....  I couldn't help but laugh at him once again and let him know I knew he was a bitch after our very first call.

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