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Happy Friday everyone.... time to collect those pay checks;)
It's been a long day... had carpet guys at my house since 9am... then went out for Happy Hour with friends, but didn't get home till 1am.
I love how needy you bitches are...  so many offline messages looking for your Goddess:)

I had new carpet put in one of my rental properties earlier in the week and I decided I needed it in my house too.  The carpet guy came over the other day to give me an estimate and gave me a look like I was crazy when I told him what I wanted done.  1) I had new carpet put in my house less than 3 years ago when Lion paid for most of the remodeling I had done to my house and 2) I had some pretty hard wood floors in a couple rooms that I wanted carpeted.  I know hard wood flooring is "the thing" to have, but I think it's cold when you're barefoot and slippery when you're in socks;)  lol 

"Colorado Mike" is back....   he took a little break, but has been contacting me again.  Poor guy, I had him doing so much messed up stuff, just to see how far I could push him.  He was so eager to please me that it wasn't until the end of our session that he told me he wasn't used to how hard it is to breath in Colorado.
So anyway... he's back, added $100 to his account, but NF wouldn't let him add his new phone #, because he changed it too many times.  I jokingly said.. oh well, looks like you're gonna have to send it to me then;) Less than a minute later it was in my account:)  Welcome back Michael.
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I'm happy to say so many of you have been sticking to your daily tributes.  Of course I make some pay more than others.  1HB is still going strong, serving me for over the past 6 years.  Instead of his normal daily tribute, he surprised me with $250 in 2 days:)

Pantyhose Bitch has been sending surprise tributes too.  He has so many slutty outfits, I told him he better get ready to make another video.  I have a feeling he's going to put on his school girl costume for a lil "Hit Me Baby One More Time" sissy style.

I had a fun session with CummyScott tonight.  We haven't spoken as much as we usually do lately... that's the problem with having him work 2 jobs for me... it's harder to fit in sessions.  BUT...I let him know I expect him to go back to contacting me 7 days a week starting now.
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