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More Christmas shopping done off my wishlist from TW $lave A and the DVD from PayPig John8
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A new Blackmail BItch found me online last night, I'm going to call him "DZ Bitch".  I'm contacted by about 10 - 15 new "subs" a day...usually only 1 or 2 of them are for real, then rest are just trying to chat for free, so if you're one of those new guys wondering why I'm ignoring you - TRIBUTE BITCH !   DZ gets it...without having to be told, he sent me a $50 tribute within just a few minutes of chatting.  After tributing, we talked more about blackmail and agreed he would pay me $50 every Friday and  I would to keep it a blackmail fantasy.  I had him take a bunch of pics holding different signs for me.  I wanted proof that he really was the guy in the original pic he sent.  He sent another $50 and we chatted for a little while as I collected more info.  We didn't really go into detail about what we each consider "fantasy"... for me.. sure I won't post his personal info like address or phone #, but if he starts making excuses for payments, you all are going to see some entertaining pics of DZ;)
He was back today telling me he's been checking my journal often, looking for his pics.  I keep my word, I have no reason to out him.  I told him he's safe for now;)
He also said he's envious of Pantyhose Bitch getting to dance on YouTube for me.  I told him maybe that'll be him one day.....something to aspire to.  ;)

Fay called last night....he was telling me he knows how "Angry Andrew" feels... you know the whole love/hate thing for me. lol  Like so many of you, Fay can't stop watching my videos and calling:)

Whipped Puppy Jeff was back at my feet, licking my stilettos.  Like Chi Mikey, he likes submission wrestling too (minus the guys in Speedos;)  I told him to imagine himself being trapped in my schoolgirl pin, helpless as he handed over $100 in tributes:)

I had to raise the rate on both Footbitch Brian and Loser Mark last night.  LM was driving home from a poker game and wanted badly to call.  It's been a while since he's called from his car, lately he's been hiding at home, but last night was like old times...  First he went to Dunkin Donuts, but they were out of donuts (how is that possible, lol?) So next I made him go to a gas station and buy a danish.  He kept me on speaker phone the whole time, knowing at any second I could say something embarrassing for everyone to hear.  It wasn't until he asked for napkins that I couldn't help but laugh out loud.  Like the super loser he is... he hurried to his car to violate that cheese danish as I laughed in his ear and told him how truly pathetic he is:)

Cummy Scott was also back, two nights in a row.
   I love getting him all worked up in his satin panties, making him weak, and then making him pay... and pay again :)  He's such a good bitch ;)

**Damn you L Dallas for suggesting I download the Coin Push Frenzy app....  I can't stop playing, lol
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