belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Pantyhose Bitch was feeling bad because he said he can't "compete" with my big spenders.   I told him it's not a competition.. of course at the same time he does have to pay for my attention;)   Here's the loser in his monokini and hose...yep, just a typical Tuesday night for PB :) 

Robin Hood came crawling back...(with a $250 tribute).. I wasn't happy to hear he threw away all his sissy clothes, (he had the cute dresses with big matching bows and bonnets)   So now he has till the end of the month to restock his wardrobe and get back on a payment schedule with me.

Slave P came around...I started pulling on his puppet strings..controlling him...making him hand over $300 oh so easily;) 

I had fun using Loser Mark and 1HB at the same time....1HB got to see how Mark takes being a loser to a whole new level;)

My Foot Bitch Brian was back for a few rounds of "raise the rate", one of my favorites. (the game, not the bitch...Brian still has to earn it)

I wrapped up the night with an entertaining call from "Angry Andrew."  It's been a couple weeks since I've heard from him and at first I didn't recognize his voice....  until he said something through clenched teeth about  how much he hates me. LOL    Always good to hear from you Andy... talk to you soon, I'm sure darling;) hahahaha

Not to sound like I don't appreciate all my presents....  but this is why for a good year I used to delete stuff off the  "Purchased" side of my wish list once they arrived.
Look what came today... just like
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