belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Soooo excited....

Today's presents from Weak Puppy, My Pet Jay, and Robin Hood...



My Drone M came back last more Jager for him (for awhile), but he did end up sending $80 to keep me happy.


Loser Mark had his way with a Jr bacon cheeseburger in the Wendy's parking lot....  I so enjoy jacking up my rates and humiliating him on speaker phone infront of the employees:)


A Friendly Reminder for Alex:  We had a deal... if your wife wakes up - you owe me $50...  PAY UP BITCH!


Oh speaking of bitches... Lion came back with an Amazon gc tonight.  He's been on this lil kick lately, telling me (that after all these years)he's not my bitch anymore...'s adorable really :)  The more he tries to prove to me that he's not my bitch.. the more of a bitch he becomes:)


I'm signing off earlier than usual tonight...  I have to get up way too early  tomorrow because I have a contractor coming.  This week's project?...remodeling the basement bathroom.  It's been about a 3 year process... remodeling every single room in my house....   of course after one project is done, I take a few months break because I can't stand having workers in my house (and it doesn't hurt to save up money;).  In the Spring I'm redoing the master bath, after that the only thing left will be to turn half of my basement into my computer room/office.


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