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As I mentioned a few days ago...  Jsub gave me access to all his banking info.   I like the portfolio feature in shows me everything I need to know. You can see there's a problem with the 2 green sections...  J and his wife are spending way too much on Restaurants/Dining and that should be spent serving ME!
I decided that should be cut at least in half...the other half of course going to me.
He's off to a good start...last night he stayed in to call and tribute $100  and had his wife go out without him.

Today's presents...

I did a humiliation session with KW who I named Captain Lil Dick last night...
not even 5 inches?...pathetic.
He asked if I wanted to laugh at him while he did his P 90X workout... I told him not to bother trying to get all buff...reminded me of a guy I dated Years ago....  I thought he was the perfect package - Italian, good looking, ripped body, made good money, treated me like a princess...and then... a month into the relationship...there it was...maybe 4 - 4 1/2 inches..where was the rest of it?   So I ended that one a couple weeks later...     but lucky you  little dick losers... I can keep using you.. and using you....


Right after that session ended, I started chatting with Tara Sissy...  he's ordered to take calls with guys and pay me for them.  I didn't feel he made enough, so I told him to get his slutty ass back on the phone.   He also has to keep his toes polished all the time... these are Tara's big hairy girly man feet lol.  It's easy for you bitches to say you do what I tell you.... but I expect picture proof at any given moment.
  I enjoy my sessions with Tara, I also enjoy having control of his Visa and tributing myself whenever I feel like it's time to pay me.  He asked what I got for Christmas.. I only named one thing (iPhone 4) before he cut me off and told me I should get the Mophie battery pack.  I looked it up.. saw it was $100 and said I'll just add it to my wish list.. within seconds he said he'd buy it and into his cart it went.  It ended up being a $400 session... I expect him to keep slutting himself out the next couple days and check back in with me on Wednesday.


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