belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

Prancer came back to frolic around his bedroom while I teased him for being a cock sucking sissy boy.

I took control of Slave P last night...he was planning on sending a $50 tribute.... I had to pull tighter on his puppet strings and take $175 instead;)

My Foot Bitch Brian has been sending his Stroke Taxes on a regular basis.  He knows where his
money belongs...

J sub is having a hard time following the new budget I created for him.  Of course he is still on vacation for a few more days, so I expect things back to normal on Monday.  Instead of dining out most nights, I told him it's time for his wife to get her ass in the kitchen and start cooking at least 4 days a week.   You may be thinking why aren't I making J the bitch cook?...because I want his wife distracted while he's online serving me and I'm taking his money.

~*~ can't win...I'm ready for round 2..keep those tributes coming;)

Sissy Damian was all slutted up and ready to session last night...until his gf came home.  Is that his fault? but I'm gonna take it out on his balls anyway.

Speaking of slutty sissies... Tara I expect you all dolled up in full bimbo mode ready to work those phones and make me money tonight  slutface.
Tags: belladaisy22, cock sucker, feet, financial domination, foot slave, foot worship, forced fem, high heels, humiliation, loser, money, money slave, princess, sissy
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