belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

 My night is off to a frustrating start....

half of my caller list is gone because they were Keen customers.  You now have to make a new member name on NiteFlirt to call me.  Alot of you are trying to get me to call you off of NF instead of making a new member name...  NO... I'm NOT calling you.. and you're NOT getting my number!  Go make a new account.. it takes 2 minutes!

Then 2 different callers in a row  call and say... I saw your listings... are you Italian... I say yes  and then they ask if i speak Italian...  I say no, I only know a few things... and they hang up on me.  That's  3 callers in 2 days hanging up because I don't speak Italian...   maybe I sould change it to BellaDaisy-the "Italian-American" Princess???????

Then I had a new caller....  called my cam line... and the rate was $3.49 instead of the usual 2.99  so I knew the caller had to be out of the country...   well his name was Jehad and he said he was somewhere in the Middle East...    it took 5 (FIVE) minutes to get his yahoo screen name...  I offered to hang up and email him my id or have him email me his and then start the call over... but no -- he didn't want to... so I finally get his yahoo and what does he want .....  A SEX SHOW!  I kept trying to explain to him what my listing says..

*Yahoo Cam is for My submissive callers to worship their Princess on cam. This is a DOMINATION line - do not call looking for a sex show or expecting to see Me naked
but he just didn't understand... meanwhile there are a bunch of men in the background yelling stuff.  So I tell him.... NO SEX SHOW!!!  DOMINATION LINE!!!!   and he keeps yelling sex show   sex show -- I call for sex show - you do sex show!   Then he says...  you beautiful - but liar!!  American liar - I call for sex show!!!   So  I said...  Well you called the wrong line!!!!! and some other guy took the phone and said - we go now! and hung up.
So that call ended and I got another one a minute later...
Hi this is Donna... who's this?
-Hey baby what's your yahoo id - I wanna watch you fuck yourself for me.
Oh sorry - this is a domination line.. I don't do that.
-Oh come on baby show me those big tits.
No really - you called   my Mistress /Domination line.... I don't do sex shows.
-Oh fuck that baby show me those big fake titties.
Listen Fucktard - I made it very clear I don't undress on cam ,  oh and by the way....
they're real, and they're spectacular!  -Click!

*I'll probably be getting some neg feedback tonight....  but I'm over it!
Shortly after that one of my longtime callers Dan called and we had a great call!  
He quickly put me in a good mood again;) Thanks Dan ;)
Dan and JJ thanks for my wishlist presents:)


One of my old callers "duck" emailed me...  
-I have $20 in my account. could you please send me an abusive e mail for that amount. thanks

So I sent him a $20 pay-to-view....  letting him know just how much of a loser I think he is.
Then he replied..
-I know smoking fetish isn't your thing but I got one and it makes me feel really stupid to smoke and I would love to pay for another e mail encouraging me to smoke.

I remembered he's into cross dressing too..
So I kept sending $20 pay emails...until  he replied...
-Hi Donna,

Thank you so much!! I spent all my extra money on you, I don't get paid until Friday. I'm not sure if I have the $7 I need to go buy a pack of cigarettes. Is there anyway I could ask you to let me know that you are laughing at me??

Thank you either way. 

$7 -pay-to-view mail:
Yes I'm laughing... as I take your cigarette money too!
Hahahahaha Loser!

Loser Scott called to serve me.    He's one of my favorite cock suckers... always ready to please.   He can't wait to be passed around to my guy friends, while my girl friends laugh and blow smoke in his face;)

11pm: I saw Ryan signed on Yahoo so I told him to call me.  He said he couldn't because his girlfriend was home.   He hasn't called all week and I wasn't letting him get off that easy... I told him to send me a tribute.  He said he only had a little bit of money till payday tomorrow...could it wait till Friday? couldn't!   So I sent him a $20 payment request.  He paid it and told me he only had $8. left in his bank account.  So you know I sent him another payment request... for $8 titled: Let's make it Zero!
He paid right away:)  Friday's payday... I'll be sure to get more tomorrow night;)

Mjd called... we had a fun hour long cam call:)

My best ball slave Mark called tonight... twice.  I emailed him last night and told him to have his tool box ready so I could leave his balls nice and bruised again.  He's such a good lil pain slut:)


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