belladaisy22xo (belladaisy22xo) wrote,

I had a new caller last night... MarriedPiggy...  MP said he was into Financial Domination, so I decided to test him.  After only talking for a few minutes I told him he had a pay mail waiting, because after all.. without his money - he's good for nothing.  "But Princess I am paying you"...uh no bitch.. that lil $1.99/min is just to suck you boys in...make you weak... then hit you with the pay mails and tributes.  You boys know how much I love sending pay mails with nothing more than a word or two in them ;) So we talked for a little while, I made him pay an extra $50, but when it was time for the 3rd mail he ran away.

After looking over J-Sub's budget... I saw he messed up...   he spent $160 on something he was not supposed to, so I made him sent me a $160 tribute.

Sam-d...going above and beyond... I told him he doesn't have to spend anything until our forced intox session coming up this weekend... but he surprised me with $150 worth of Amazon presents and a $50 tribute.

JH lost a quick $60... he can't beat me in any games.. but I think it's cute he keeps trying ;)

TaraSissy has been doing a good job of completing her assignments.  You know I expect picture proof.... Tara sent me a couple videos of her walking through a parking lot in full sissy gear...make up.. earrings...carrying a purse, and wearing her huge fake DD boob inserts under her tight tank top and sweater.  Such a good bitch ,she set her camera on the dashboard, parked as far away as possible, and walked to the store and back.  After a job well done, I let her send me $100.  Then I let her send me another $50 for permission to eat her cum.  I warned her it would cost double if she choked or gagged...I couldn't help but laugh as she fought back coughing.
As I mentioned before... Tara does slutty phone calls with guys she meets on Yahoo..and has to pay me for every one.  I told her she now has to offer "Wake Up Blow Job Calls", no matter how early it is.  If any of you want to use my bitch... message me and I'll hook you up with him.

Loser Mark the Pastry Fucker  and Loser Marc (smoking-holding-stroking) are both calling every time they see me on.. which is just about every night ;)

Loser Mike from Chicago called, whispering on his couch while his wife was in the other room.   He was so excited telling me about his latest tranny adventures and how he can't wait for the next one when he has the house to himself.

Popper Reject is at it again.  The masked loser was in need of a forced intox session.


"AMD" messaged me ....

Here's another one to help you with the urge to tribute;)

A few presents came today...
This sunflower looks better in person... I want 2 more to hang outside by my patio;) 

Catch me while you can... I have to get up way too early...the electrician will be here at 7:30... my latest house project is having recessed lighting put in the living room, dining room, and upstairs hallways.

Feel free to interrupt me with tributes....I'll be online for the next hour or two working on my taxes to drop off to my accountant.  When it comes to my business or my rental properties I'm completely organized.... but anything pertaining to my online work I tend to just throw in a file folder and deal with it when tax time comes around.  I already pay quarterly taxes, but since you boys step it up more and more every month, I still owe thousands on top of what I paid through out the year... and you know how much a greedy bitch like me hates giving my money away;)

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