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Looks like a lot of you enjoyed your St. Patty's Day...  I woke up Thursday morning to a bunch of random tributes and saw a lot of transactions from my recorded listings.  Apparently when you call and I'm not on, it gives you the option to call the recordings..I enjoyed laughing at quite a few of you who said you didn't realize it was a recording and not actually me on the phone for the first minute or 2.

Most of you just hit the tribute buttons.. but E included a message:

I left off with my journal saying that Sub Daniel had just filled out my Blackmail App... 
$300 later.. Daniel is now Sissy Danielle and I have his friend Sarah dying to figure out what I'm talking about when I said I heard Dan went dress shopping.   Of course I could just email her all the disturbing pics I have of him...  but it's more fun to make him sweat it out;)

Then it was time for a $220 session with Sissy Jenny...  I had him pull out all his toys and outfits...  including the Gates of Hell..
But Jenny still has 3 assignments to complete before I let him do another session.   Get to work bitch ;)

$lave D saw me online and we started chatting.  He asked about all the pics I have of him from our last session...while I was looking for them, I instructed him to start wish list shopping.  The more I found.. the more I made him buy.  In the end he cleared off $250 from my wish list and sent a $150 tribute for me to "delete" the pics;) 

My Pet Jay spent another $800 on my wishlist on patio furniture that will be delivered on Wednesday and a few other things. 
Keep them coming...

Money For Nothing??

Friday night Sam-d told me he wanted to end our Blackmail contract and pay the $1,700 buyout that we agreed on weeks ago.   He's spent well over a grand in tributes, presents, and a forced intox session, but that was all on him.  I was a little confused by him being so intent on paying because I haven't even begun to play any blackmail games with him.  I didn't want it in one lump sum (even though he kept trying), so I made him break it up into 3 payments over the weekend.     Now that he's paid in full he still wants to serve me.. but is happy to be out of the contract. 

Edit:  I thought Sam might disappear after paying.. but nope, just like always he signed on at 1am to check in :)  Such a good, non-blackmailed bitch ;)

Tags: belladaisy22, blackmail, financial domination, forced fem, humiliation, loser, loser assignment, mistress, money, money slave, presents, princess, sissy, spoil me, stroke addict, tease & denial, tribute, wallet raping, wish list

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