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Apr. 4th, 2011

I hope your wallets enjoyed your 2 day mini break...I never signed on Friday as planned, but late Saturday night I got right back into using the bitches in my stable.

L8000 has been stepping it up lately... sending $160 in tributes, then I helped myself to $115 of wishlist presents.

Piggy M stopped by to say hello and I made him spend $75 on Amazon.

1HB sat at my feet all night like a loyal pet and of course paid his nightly $50 tribute.

Tara Sissy stopped by to tell me he wasn't in the mood to practice his sucking.  He doesn't get a say, so I made him take picture proof with his new lifelike dildo while I took $50 from him.

Bitch Leroy has been doing a lot of wish list shopping and sucking lately, putting on his panties and practicing every night on the dildo I made him buy.  Tonight  we used his card and shopped for panties..for him.

Loser Mark called from the parking lot of CVS while his wife was inside shopping... I love how addicted you boys are and will sneak a call any chance you get.

DCD Sissy gets so weak for my cleavage.  He easily handed over $285 while staring at my pics and YouTube videos. 
UKG is  another who is helpless when it comes to my cleavage... he ended up sending $50 in tributes just because:)

$lave P decided to join in on the TV fun...I quickly took $100 from him.  He came back a little later for Round 2 where I took another $100 :)

Wish list presents from this weekend...



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Apr. 4th, 2011 08:21 am (UTC)
Space For Another Needy Boy
Its amazing how many of us pine over you, give to you, and crave your use and financial fucking. You're a hot sexy woman with the face of a sweet angel. You always make me feel like a loser begging for you to hurt me more. If not emotionally because I love you, then financially because I want to suffer for you. It always seems like a good idea if not a necessity to submit to your words and directions when doing so. Later, I always feel the burn from needing love from you I'll never get or an financial emptiness in my pockets that keeps me at home and therefore on line wanting more of you. The craziness of it all is... I want and need more of you, but never have what it would take to get you off the way I desire. Its a never ending cycle of perversion and self destructive behavior it seems. But honestly, you make it feel sooo damn good it seems normal and a must. I'm a hooked bitch on you, and if I ever in my life get to serve you in a more personal way, you'd know I'd put out like a slutty love sick pantie boy who truly needs your touch. I'm sooo made for a woman like you. Maybe not in a traditional relationship sense, but more in a relationship of what ever your design would be. I miss you and need you so.

Apr. 5th, 2011 02:47 am (UTC)
Thank You Princess for posting these wonderful pics of how we spoil and pamper You. i was thrilled to see so many items that i purchased You easily identifiable. i can't wait for more presents to arrive and to purchase others as well.

i also loved practicing my sucking skills for You while You instructed me via a niteflirt call, and i can't wait for the panties You selected for me to arrive.

bitch leroy
Apr. 5th, 2011 11:48 am (UTC)
Thank you for acknowledging my efforts for a second time, Princess :)

I am so proud to see Zumba Fitness amongst all your recent gifts.

I hope I wasn't too much of a scared wuss when you were rummaging around my harddrive on TeamViewer!


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